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    The latest (tenth) edition of my Software Engineering textbook was published in 2015. I have extensively revised and updated the 9th edition to reflect some of the key challenges for software engineering. These are the need for more agile development, the need to manage system complexity and the need to build systems that are secure and resilient. The most important changes are:

    1. A completely revised chapter on agile methods
    2. Self-contained, extensively revised chapters on reliability, safety and security engineering
    3. A new chapter on resilience engineering (including cybersecurity)
    4. New chapters on systems engineering and systems of systems

    As well as this new material, all other chapters have been revised and updated.

    Contents List

    Summary of all changes made from the 9th edition

    Errata – minor errors discovered after publication

    To support learning and teaching, I have developed supplementary material for instructors and self-learners:

    1. Powerpoint slides for all book chapters 

    2. A set of case studies

    3. An Instructor’s Guide with suggestions for using the book, solutions for selected exercises and quizzes for all chapters.

    4. Videos on software engineering topics . Some specially made; others selected from YouTube

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