Instructor's Guide

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    Rather than include the instructor’s guide as web pages, I have created a number of downloadable documents that discuss different ways of using the book in teaching. Some of these are freely available, others can only be accessed with credentials from Pearson Education.

    Ideas for using the book in teaching

    Every course is different and what’s included depends on the interests of the instructor, the background of the students, the type of software being discussed and the resources available. There is no right or wrong way to present a software engineering course so I have designed the book so that it can be used in a variety of different ways in both introductory and more advanced courses.

    Using the book in teaching

    Over the past few years, I have been increasingly convinced that videos are a useful supplement to other course material on software engineering. I am of a generation where learning was primarily based on reading but today’s students have been brought up in a video-rich world and many of them find it easier to watch a video than to read a book. Furthermore, students whose first language is not English have made the point to me that they sometimes find lectures difficult to follow but, with videos, they can rewind and watch again and so have more time to assimilate what is being said.

    I don’t think that simply recording lectures works and watching recorded lectures on YouTube is often a miserable experience. I have therefore made a set of short videos that have been designed to fit in with the material in the book and which can be used to supplement (not replace) lectures.  MOOCs are an interesting idea but I am not convinced that they work particularly well so I haven’t tried to package the videos, quizzes, etc. into a MOOC.

    Using videos in teaching software engineering

    Restricted material

    The solutions manual provides outline/sample answers to approximately 50% of the exercises in the book, and a set of quizzes, which pose short factual questions for each chapter, are available from Pearson Education’s companion book site.  Answers to the short questions in each quiz are available but are ‘hidden text’. You need to set Word preferences to ‘Show Hidden Text’ to see these. I designed it like this so that you can prepare a handout for students without showing the answers.

    You should click on the ‘Resources’ tab (on Pearson’s site) to get these.  Access to the solutions and the quizzes is only available to accredited instructors (this is Pearson Education policy) and you need to get login credentials from them in order to access this material.

    Information is available on this web page about how to obtain access credentials.

    The terms of my agreement with Pearson Education are that they should be solely responsible for the issue of access credentials and the material should not be hosted on this server. Please do not ask me for these credentials as I will be unable to help you.  I understand that it takes several days to issue these credentials so it’s best not to leave this until the last minute.