Systems engineering

These videos support the material in Chapters 19 to 21 in the 10th edition of Software Engineering. My videos are starred (*).

Systems engineering

Introducing sociotechnical systems  (*)

In this video, I introduce the idea of sociotechnical systems and explains the differences between sociotechnical and technical systems.

Emergent properties of sociotechnical systems  (*)

This video discusses the key emergent properties of sociotechnical systems.

System success and failure  (*)

In this video, I discuss how the notions of success and failure are not absolute for sociotechnical systems but depend on the judgment of the system user or observer.

Systems Engineering: Thoughts from a leading analyst

A very brief introduction to the idea of systems engineering.

Professor Brian Collins on Systems Engineering

A stimulating lecture by a leader in this area who addresses some key issues in systems engineering.  Delivered to a systems engineering conference so not an introductory lecture.

6 Change in Thinking – Systems Thinking

This short video (not great quality) introduces the idea of a system as defined by its interactions and discusses why reductionism is not the right approach when faced with complex systems.

Systems of systems

Systems of systems (*)

My video introducing the idea of systems of systems (SoS) and the 7 distinguishing characteristics of SoS

Systems of systems classification (*)

In this video, I discuss different types of systems of systems and the characteristics of these system types.

Architectural patterns for systems of systems (*)

In this video, I discuss three architectural patterns that can be observed in systems of systems that are created by integrating existing software systems.

System of Systems

A rather abstract presentation from IBM of SoS but it does highlight both SoS complexity and the importance of people in these systems ### Real-time systems

An introduction to real-time systems (*)

In this video, I explain the differences between real-time software systems and other types of software system.

Architectural patterns for real-time systems (*)