Reliability and safety

These videos support the material in Chapters 11 and 12 in the 10th edition of Software Engineering. My videos are starred (*).

Software reliability and availability

Availability and reliability  (*)

This video explains what availability and reliability means in critical systems.

Airbus FCS – software and hardware redundancy  (*)

In this video, I explain how software and hardware redundancy is used to achieve high reliability and availability in the safety-critical flight control system in the Airbus 340.

Reliability 6 – Software Reliability

An introduction to software reliability with a discussion of relevant standards and tools

Reducing Risk and Reliability: FMEA and Fault-trees

This is about hardware rather than software reliability but is a good introduction to failure mode and effect analysis, which is a complementary technique to fault-tree analysis discussed in the book. Very perfunctory introduction to fault-trees.

PostOps: A Non-Surgical Tale of Software, Fragility, and Reliability

This talk  discusses issues affecting service reliability at Google so has a much broader focus than simply software reliability. However, many of the ideas and issues raised are also relevant to software systems. Rather long.

Software safety

System safety (*)

In this video, I introduce system safety and what it means in critical systems.

Challenges in Safety Critical Systems Design and Development

A short introduction to safety-critical systems. Well-presented but makes reference to slides that are not included in the video which is a bit irritating. Unfortunately, it is truncated before the end of the presentation.

Software Development for Safety-critical Environments

A webinar that discusses the standards that are used in safety-critical systems engineering. ### Case studies

Ariane launch failure

In this video, I explain how the failure of a software component led to the failure and destruction of an Ariane 5 launcher on its maiden flight.