Software management

These videos support the material in Chapters 19, 20 and 21 in the 10th edition of Software Engineering. My videos are starred (*).

Project management

Why software project management is different?

A video that explains why software project management differs from other types of project management. I don’t agree with everything she says but she is right that there are important differences.

Risk management fundamentals

This is quite a nice introduction to risk management although I find the chalkboard presentation style to be a bit irritating.

The 5 top people management skills

A short video that introduces the key elements of people management. ### Project planning

Ten deadly sins of software estimation

A webinar (quite long and slow) about what are common mistakes in software cost and schedule estimation.

Gantt Chart Tutorial Video: Learn How to Create Gantt Charts

A very simple introduction to drawing bar charts.

How to….Create a Basic Gantt Chart in Excel 2013

Advice from an Excel expert on how to create a bar chart using some of the less well-known features of Excel. There are lots of other YouTube videos on this topic.

Estimating Coding Costs Using COCOMO

This is a simple introduction to using COCOMO for cost estimation. It covers the principles of the model but does not address the more advanced aspects of the approach.

Agile estimation

A good introduction to using story points and velocity for agile project estimation.

Quality management

Software quality assurance

Introduces automated and manual software quality assurance and provides an overview of free and open source software quality assurance tools that are available.

Software metrics

A sensible overview of software metrics although I found the presentation to be quite stilted and unenthusiastic.

Configuration management

What project managers need to know about configuration managemen t

A good talk that explains why configuration management is important.

Configuration management

A lecture by a leading academic software engineer based on my configuration management chapter in the 9th edition. There’s a lot of overlap with the current chapter

Introduction to Version Control and Configuration Management

This video describes the differences between centralized CM systems such as SVN and distributed systems such as Git.

Introduction to continuous integration