Implementation and evolution

These videos support the material in Chapters 7, 8 and 9 in the 10th edition of Software Engineering. My videos are starred (*). .

Object-oriented design and the UML

UML 2.0 video tutorial (Derek Banas)

This is the first of a set of video tutorials that introduce the UML 2.0 notation. You can access the others, that cover the main UML diagram types, from this introduction.

Design patterns

Design patterns – introduction

A good short introduction to the ideas behind design patterns and a brief description of some common patterns. ### Implementation issues

Work smarter with configuration management: Part 1:introduction

This is one of a series of videos that have an IBM product focus but this introductory video discusses the basics of configuration management and why it is important.

What is open source (Computer Floss)

This video introduces the idea of open source software and explains why it is important.

Open source software

A good introduction to open source that covers the history of open source development and the licensing models used.

Software testing

A beginners guide to testing

An excellent introductory video that introduces some of the key issues in software testing that I have covered in Chapter 8 of the 10th edition.

Equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis

A short introduction to this approach to choosing software test cases.

Open-lecture by James Bach on software testing

This is an entertaining but rather long talk by Bach who is eminent in the software testing field. Definitely worth watching although I don’t agree with everything that he says.

Test-driven development

A good short video that introduces the practice of test-driven development

Software change and evolution

Legacy systems

A short introductory video that explains what is meant by legacy systems and which discusses the problems of obsolete hardware and software.

Agile legacy engineering

This is a taster video on YouTube for longer videos on the company’s web site. It is a good discussion of some legacy system issues but actually doesn’t really say anything about agile legacy engineering. The full length video, available on is not free.

Lecture 25: Software Evolution  (Prof U. Bellur, IIT Bombay)

This lecture from the IIT is based on my evolution chapter in an earlier edition of my book. Some overlap with the material in the 10th edition but many changes. Poor quality slides.